Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:15 pm and sometimes 6:15 pm during the season as some members also coach teams.  Location: River Lodge (Fireside Room). Please call the league phone to verify the time.  (707)496-0770.
2021 Season:
October 11th 2021.  6:15pm River Lodge (Fireside Room)
November 8th 2021.  5:15pm River Lodge.
If you have agenda items that you would like submitted, please email the Board of Directors with your agenda item at least (1) One week before next scheduled board meeting.  

All of the members of the Board of Directors can be contacted at or by calling 496-0770

Bailey Davy:   League Coordinator
S Overholt:  President
Shawn Barsanti, VP, Competitive League Director
Sydney Overholt:   Secretary
Alicia Johnston:  SoHum Division Director
Stan Shoemaker:  Indoor Division Director
Jose Garcinuno: Referee Assignor and Coordinator
Lindsey Lucas:  Member at Large
Eliza Proctor:  League Compliance Officer/Sponsorship Coordinator/City Liason
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Co-VP:  Somer Wallan
Registrar:  Julie Hagemann
Treasurer: Robin Rice
Heidi Anaya: Member at Large
Jennifer Bailey:  Member at Large

Current ERVYSL Bylaws