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Coaches......please see the home page regarding information about make-up games canceled due to Covid-19 and weather.  

Coaches Information

Youth Soccer is all about the youth in the Eel River Valley. We need coaches to help and teach our youth about the game of soccer. 

Coach's Code of Conduct In order to ensure that the principles of sportsmanship, fair play, and mutual respect among players, coaches, officials, and spectators characterize the competition promoted by ERVYSL, the following Code of Conduct has been established. Coaches are required to know and abide by our code of conduct in order to coach in our league.

Coaching Requirements:  All 3 steps must be fullfilled in order to be a coach.

1. Complete On-line Registration:

Fortuna Coach Register Here

SoHum Coaches Register Here

2. After you have created a coaches account on the GotSports website, the list of training and requirments needed to become a coach are available in your dashboard.  Please complete the LiveScan form (if you have never coached with us) and the required concussion training course.  You must be registered in the GotSports website in order to print out a LiveScan form to be taken to the Polce Department.
Print Concussion Training Certificate or email to when completed.  

3. Complete a LiveScan fingerprint background check. This can be done during finger printing hours at Fortuna Police Department.  LiveScan only applies if you have never coached with our league before.  Assistant coaches need to register with GotSports as well.  Anyone that will be in a coaching compacity with the players must have a background check.  

Coaches please make sure to have your concussion training completed and your certificate turned into our Safety Compliance Coordinator Eliza Proctor. You can email them to   Coaches will receive coaches binders with important rules of the game and Coaches Conduct information at the coaches meeting. Our goal as a league is to get as many kids as possible playing the game of soccer.  It starts with the coach.  Please read and understand our CODE OF CONDUCT. 
Coaches will receive a bag with uniforms, shorts, and socks to be handed out to each player.  XS being smaller numbers and XL being larger numbers.  Please keep in mind when handing them out your players sizes vs the number they desire.  You do not need to collect the uniforms after the end of the season.  They are for the players to keep.  Your coaches bag will also contain: coaches binder, current roster, soccer balls, a ball net, whistle, roster cards, and practice cones.  You may turn your equipment back to the soccer shed after your last game on October 23rd, 2021.  Or you can keep the bags and items in them.  But please make sure to return your coaches binder!  Please make sure all the players on your team arrive to their games 30 minutes before game time and wearning the included uniform socks.  Also, make sure your players have the proper safety equipment (shin gaurds) and cleats.  Must be soccer cleats.  Football and baseball cleats are not allowed and a referee will remove your player from the field.  
***Coaching tips......Elect a parent assistant from your team to help watch the benched players while in play.  Your parent assistant can also help organize a snack schedule for each game.  Depending on the age group, the games are ususally all about the snacks afterward!  Please encourage healthy fruit and vegetable snacks and try to avoid items with nuts and seeds to prevent any medical emergencies.  
As a coach, you have a responsibility to play each player an equal and fair amount!  We are a recreational league for fun and that is what we like to express the most to our players:  HAVE FUN!!!  
If an incident occurs on the field that does not line up with our code of conduct or the reputation we want to uphold, please contact our Board of Directors immdediately with your concerns!  We want to help resolve any conflict that may occur in a highly professional manner.  

2021 rules:
Coaches: please refer to the rules provided in the binder you recieved with your player rosters.  

Indoor Rules:

Rules of Play   Rules of the Game

Helpful links:

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