What does a child need to bring to practice? An ERVYSL player must come to practice with shin guards  and soccer regulation cleats (baseball and football cleats are not permitted) and a water bottle. 
What does a child need to bring to a game? An ERVYSL player must arrive at games with shin guards  and soccer regulation cleats, the league-provided team uniform (jersey, black shorts and team socks) and a water bottle. 
Are players allowed to wear jewelry (earrings)? Jewelry is not permitted and should be removed prior to the start of the game. Earrings that cannot be removed, must be covered (front and back) with band-aids or tape. 
Can a request be made to be on a team with a friend/relative? Yes, ONE request can be made to be on the same team and we will try our best to honor the request but there are zero guarantees. 
When will coach & team announcements be made and when will practice days/times/locations be announced? Teams will be drafted mid-June and coaches will be assigned subsequently. Coaches will reach out to their players directly to announce team practice time and location (early August).
Are games played on Saturday or Sundays (or other days of the week)? Games are played on Saturdays unless a make-up game is scheduled.
Do parents need to help or volunteer with practices or games? Volunteering is not required but help is ALWAYS welcome. Parents can pitch in and help in a variety of ways, just ask your coach or a board member.
When will the season begin/end? The season (practices & games) will begin in August and end in late October (weather permitting). 
Does the rec. league play games against other rec. leagues (Eureka/ Arcata/Mckinleyville)? ERVYSL does not play games/scrimmages against other leagues at this time, but we are open to the possibilities.

When is Jamboree? August 17, 2024

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Eel River Valley Youth Soccer League is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) youth soccer league supporting over 900 players (ages 4-15) and is dedicated to providing a wide-ranging opportunity for young individuals to engage in soccer. Through its extensive player base the league emphasizes community involvement, skill enhancement, and fostering a passion for the sport among a diverse group of participants.