Eel River Valley Youth Soccer will not be offering a traditional Fall soccer season for 2020.


Covid 19 has forced our league to stall and continually push back our registration dates. Our necessary decision rests on the difficulty in implementing the following combination of restrictions and requirements:


  1. NO Spectators for any practice or event.

  2. Required sanitation management: Dedicated sanitation stations for each group of 10, no shared soccer balls, sanitized goals after each touch, required tracking of all players and park visitors, season long Player and Coach and Referee temperature records and personal health statements.

  3. Space restrictions:  No traditional games will be allowed, Maximum groups of 10 (including players and coaches) per field with 10’ spacings between each person, rest and hydration specified areas with 10’ distances between each personal area, as well as open adjacent fields (every other field empty).

  4. Mask enforcement for all players, coaches, and referee’s. 

  5. The still countless unknowns (when and how anything will change as time moves forward, field access and availability, and not knowing who if any league we could play). 

  6. The burden on our small Non Profit to Physically and Financially implement and follow through with all the above challenges.

    Given these burdensome requirements and restrictions, and the additional unknown amount of variables, we do not feel our soccer families want to move forward knowing we will Not have soccer games, we will have Zero spectators, and our Players will be allowed to do little more than practice kicking a soccer ball to themselves.

We have, however, elected to continue seeking alternative ways to coordinate youth soccer for the Fall 2020 season (Dependent on future C19 climate changes). We will be conducting various polls to develop interest in a possible academy style (camp) soccer program that will likely play during the regular season, weekday’s (M,T,W,TH). Please keep your attention on our Facebook page to show us your interest in continuing youth soccer in any way we find possible. 






***The above information and specified restrictions were obtained by our BOD from CYSA (our parent organization), vague CA state guidelines, and data from our sister leagues and other youth sport organizations in our area.***

General information:
P.O. Box 231 Fortuna, CA 95540
Phone number: (707)496-0770