Registration for our fall recreational program is open Online Only May 1st--June 15th, 2022.  Click on the Forms tab at the top of the website or by clicking the three bars in the left corner of the website on your smart phone.  

                                                      2022-2023 REGISTRATION FEES:
                                                                                    Recreational and Competition/Tournament player:  $100.00
                                                                                           2nd-10th player from the same household:   $90.00
  We Will Only be accepting online registrations throught the Gotsport system.  No paper "on site" registrations dates will be offered as past seasons.  Registration will be declared open May 1st through June 15th.  There will be NO late registrations allowed.   Please click on the Forms tab to register in your selected region.sw
****Registration fees include uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks). **. Your child will need soccer regulation cleats.  For safety reasons, Baseball and football cleats are not allowed on the field and the referee will excuse your child.  Shin guards are also required for play (games and practices).

ERVYSL will refund $50 of our $100 registration fee if we are notified before we roster teams in early July for (2) circumstances:  1.) Registered players who have a valid medical issue that prevents that players ability to play soccer for more than 1/2 of or regular season.  2.). The registered player and family are moving out of the area and notify the league before teams are rostered.
NO REFUND ($0) WILL BE ISSUED for any reason after teams have been rostered in July, unless we cannot provide the registered player a place to play soccer.  At the point of rostering, ERVYSL has paid a non-refundable fee to CalNorth, banking fees, purchased uniforms, paid for field space and maintenance, and collectively put all volunteer efforts into creating a great soccer enviornment for each of our members to play soccer.  All it takes is one player to force an entire rearrangement of all the teams in one age group and the ERVYSL to incur enormous and unecessary cost.  $0 refund for practices and games canceled due to the weather and/or Covid 19.

Most games are played on Saturday's with some older age groups playing Sunday games.  Some teams and age groups may play games at different field locations such as Redway Elementary School.   Practice schedules are up to the players coaches and will be determined at the beginning of the season.

***Thank you for your patience.  We are a volunteer group and try our best to accomodate our large player turnout.  Please call our league phone number with any questions or concerns!  

******FALL 2022 ERVYSL COVID-19 PROTOCOL******

To all of our ERVYSL members and families:
It is your responsibility to know, understand, and follow your county and local authorities guidelines and rules regarding Covid-19.
Eel River Valley Youth Soccer (WE) holds no authority over your personal choices, decisions, or actions in regards to Covid-19.
We do require coaches of all of our teams to follow local health department rules and to notify us (ERVYSL Board of Directors)upon any contraction or suspicion of exposure.  The BOD will notify all team members of the coach in question.
We expect and encourage all of BOD members, coaches, volunteers, players, referees, and extended family members to choose to and practice SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY!  We ask that everyone who attends practices and games to maintain social distancing, observe cleanliness, and hand washing protocol.  Do RIGHT by your neighbor!!  Stay home if you are ill or feeling ill.
We cannot and will not enforce masking as all of our activities are at the Newburg Park (Public City Maintained Park.)

General information:
P.O. Box 231 Fortuna, CA 95540
Phone number: (707)496-0770