Schedules in PDF and/or XLS files have been updated as of 8/29/16

Please verify possible changes

2016 Recreational U6 through U18 Schedules posted to the Left.



For all Newburg field location questions, please refer to the Newburg Park map posted at our Snack Shack

The fields have been numbered in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE order as you enter the parking lot.

Field 1 = U14, Field 2 = U8, Field 3 = U12, Field 4, 5, 6, 7 = U6, Field 8 = U12, Field 9 = U8, Field 10 & 11 = U10

Other options include: hunting down any of our board members :)



Our New WEBSITE is almost done!

Stay tuned to see how easy we are trying to make it for all our ERVYSL family :)







Upcoming Events

Have a question? Facebook is a good start

If that doesn't help, Please try calling us at 707-496-0770


Board Meetings - 
Held the Second Tuesday of every month, 6 pm at the Fortuna Rec Hall in Rohner Park. Next meet is on 9/13/2016 @ 6PM 


Feel free to check this website, look at Facebook, call our phone number or speak with one of our 9 board members to confirm.  

We want to hear your good ideas, and we really want presentations on how to effectively introduce your ideas.  Do you have some extra time, you won't if you decide to come hang out with us :)