Recreational and Competition/Tournament player:  $90.00
Second player from the same household:   $85.00
Third player from the same household: $80.00
Additional Fourth-Tenth player from the same household:  $80.00 each child registered.
EXAMPLE:  4 Children from the same household:  1st child: $90.  2nd child $85.  3rd child $80.  4th child $80 and so on. 
Total for 4 players:  $335.00
**Registration fees include uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks). **. Your child will need soccer regulation cleats.  For safety reasons, Baseball and football cleats are not allowed on the field and the referee will excuse your child.  Shin guards are also required for play (games and practices). 


We are planning our 2021 soccer season!!
Registration will be open for enrollment on May 15th, 2021 unitl June 30th, 2021.  
Our next Board of Directors meeting will be on April 19, 2021.  5:15pm.  (Location TBA)
***We are also seeking an intersted volunteer to handle our bookeeping/accounting duties.  We also have several Board positions open.  If you are intersted please call the league phone number at (707) 496-0770.***

Important dates:
Coaches meeting:  July 19th, 2021 (Time TBD)
Jamboree:  August 14th, 2021 (Time TBD)
Season:  8/14/21-10/23/21.  (Schedule changes may apply as planning continues and weather issues may arise)
Most games are played on Saturday's with some older age groups playing Sunday games.  Some teams and age groups  may play games at different field locations.  (Hiller in McKinleyville and Redway Elementary School). Practice schedules are up to the players coaches and will be determined at the beginning of the season.  

Thank you for your patience.  We are a volunteer group and try our best to accomodate our large player turnout.  Please call our league phone number with any questions or concerns!  

General information:
P.O. Box 231 Fortuna, CA 95540
Phone number: (707)496-0770